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Tracy Lomrantz From Glamour Magazine Asks 9 Designers If They Can Geddit2getha!

February 4, 2010

I came across this article written by Tracy and wanted to share with everyone. Thank god ! 2010 might just be the year when we might all just Geddit2getha!

Tracy Writes:

In recent seasons, falling models have become about as common at catwalk shows as the standard 30-minute delay. We’ve seen mannequins take tumbles big and small, and in one instance, an entire parade of beautiful girls had to remove their shoes on the runway to avoid further treachery. There’s no denying that runway stems have reached towering new heights, and watching models try to keep their cool in ’em has become something of a spectator sport for front row types. But will the trend continue for fall 2010, or are heels finally on their way back down?

We put this question to nine designers: “Would you be able to walk in the shoes your models will wear in your fall 2010 show? Be honest!” With the one exception of the admirably frank Tracy Reese, they all gave us some form of “yes”! Which means the towering torture chambers otherwise known as shoes may have had their last season on the rise…stay tuned next week, when we watch the runway carefully for signs of falling models to prove this theory true or false…

Barbara Tfank: YES

Pamella Rolland: Absolutely! As a matter of fact, I do walk in some of the shoes that our models will wear down the runway–some of them come straight out of my closet!

Elie Tahari: Unfortunately we do not make men’s shoes and I think the women’s heels would be much too high for me!

Alexandre Herchcovitch: Of course yes !!!

Davidelfin: Of course!

Tracy Reese: No! I have had several close calls just stepping out on the runway at the end of the show! I am not great in heels!

Mara Hoffman: Probably…

Jenni Kayne: Yes. I’m obsessed with the shoes and have already snagged a sample pair to wear in NY.

Naeem Khan: Yes, if I was the right size…and a woman.

By: Tracy Lomrantz

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