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Runway Makeup 2010

February 1, 2010

Balmain sprirngrtw

MAC  new collection

I have been paying attention not only to what is coming straight off the runway. I have noticed a pattern with most of the looks. They  all have a Natural looking effect. Natural make-up is increasing its popularity due to the elegant and feminine features it helps create. Years ago , I myself could have been guilty for staining the sleeve of your white t-shirt. So I am so glad to finally feel comfortable enough to just wear the bare minimum. The 2010 spring summer shows emphasized natural beauty using this type of makeup so inspire yourself from the gorgeous models present on the runways.

In seems that going towards naturalism is one of the hottest trends in makeup as well for the following spring summer. A natural look enhances the natural beauty subtly and creates a very soft and innocent look, a look for all ages. Really !!

This bare makeup look is for day wear as for night. At night you may want to enhance your lips with a bold pink color or a fun color for your eyeliner. Femininity and natural beauty can be enhanced with light makeup and soft brown eyeshadow to create the amazing simple yet outstanding look that every woman could benefit from.
The gorgeous outfits designed for the 2010 spring summer season are matching the feminine and lovely makeup style perfectly. The style and elegance that have been at the base of each fashion collection are balanced by the simplicity and elegance of the makeup.

Make sure you exfoliate your face before you apply your makeup to make sure a clean and uniform application. This can be crucial if your skin is not always clear. To execute the natural beauty there has to be a full daily skin regimen. Which I have been guilty of lacking in before. But to have great healthy skin, you have to complete your counter parts to successfully execute  your look.

When you Apply the foundation use a makeup sponge, a brush or your fingers  and set it using translucent powder.

When it comes to eye makeup, soft shades are the solution. Peach, copper, soft pink are the most popular eyeshadow colors used since they blend beautifully with most skin tones and create a very simple and attractive look.
Rosy or brown toned blush add a little bit of color and definition to the cheekbones, softening the look. To brighten and enlarge the eyes apply a white eyeliner on the waterline of the inside of your eye. A touch of Mascara brushed on the upper lashes and a touch of lip color lipstick complete the look.

If you are looking for a simple yet attractive makeup which will enhance your femininity and beauty choose the simple makeup styles featured on the runway fashion presentations for spring 2010.

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