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Beauty Favorite of the week !

January 26, 2010

Great deal This is the Mini Advanced make-up Optional kit. $50.

What it is formulated to do:
This regimen incorporates retinol, SPF, and exfoliation into a daily, morning-and-evening routine that treats multiple skin concerns associated with aging. It minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, refines pores, reduces discoloration, guards against future damage, and helps to restore a healthy, glowing complexion.!

Hello friends!  Today I am going to post about my experience at Sephora a couple days ago. I want to talk about Philosophy! I had never really used any of their products until now and I have to say its pretty good. The price is a little expensive but manageable. While at Sephora, the Philosophy company was doing an event where they show you how to use their products and which are best for your particular skin type. I spent four hours that day and went with the advanced Make-up optional skin kit. It comes with their two facial cleansers, which are the best two products that Philosophy makes! “Purity” is a One-Step Facial Cleanser that gently melts away makeup, tones, and lightly hydrates. Its essential oils and mild cleansing agents are ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The other cleanser is The Microdelivery Peel. It is a Micro-Massage Exfoliating Wash it also is a two-in-one facial cleanser that gently buffs and polishes the skin for increased radiance. It also comes with an infusion of borage oils that conditions and soothes the skin, while natural exfoliating grains gently resurface. People, this is just the begininning! It then also comes with “Hope in a Jar SPF 20” this is a daily, high-performance moisturizer that promotes smooth, healthy-looking skin, while providing broad-spectrum sun protection. It offers lactic acid to hydrate and exfoliate, and beta glucan to help strengthen the skin’s natural repair system. I Have read good and bad things about this product but I really like it. Once you follow all the steps and use it , your face looks oily at first. After about 5 Mins it saturates in your skin making your face feel like a baby’s bum. The best part is you can wear it under your make-up! The other two products that come in this kit are the anti- aging products. “Help Me Night Retinol Treatment”this is an award-winning solution for fine lines, discoloration, and large pores. The innovative formula features MICROSPONGE® technology that gently delivers time-released retinol to minimize the risk of irritation. This is amazing and i have seen results since the first day i have used it. I would recommend this to anyone ! Now i like to save worst for last :( … but when i used the “When Hope is not Enough Facial Firming Serum” I noticed that i was breaking out a little bit. I read online that this product caused minor break-outs as well. This product is a lightweight complex that helps firm, protect, and hydrate, while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It harnesses the power of synergistic antioxidants to protect against environmental attack, provides pentapeptide-3 to boost firmness and elasticity, and softens and hydrates with hyaluronic acid. I believe my skin is probably not in need of such a product yet. I would definitely recommend it to a different age group than mine. That all being said Everyone who is in the market for buying new skin products. Philosphy is really good and with all the different starter kits they have it’s a great way to try their products out and decide what you will really use. Beauty always starts with skin and your skin should always be radiant!!!

PS… That particular day Sephora was so awesome, they had a raffle going on. If you bought any products from philosophy you were entered to win a $300 basket!!! Guess who won?!! AWESOME!!

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